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If you want to become a Cluster TIC Galicia member you must adhere to the requisites established by our Statutes (available in Galician and Spanish). (Note: Are you an International entity? Let us know! info@clusterticgalicia.com

Only entities that can be described by the following definition can be a Cluster member:

(Article 13) Full Members

Large ICT Enterprises
. Turnover > €6 million 

SMEs (and micro and autonomus legal persons)
. Turnover > €6 million

. Both business and professional associations

ICT Tech Centers
. Including Research Groups, Research Centers, Research Institutes and Universities

(Article 14) Special Members

Temporary members
. Inside this category are considered entrepreneurs, start-ups and new businesses as described on the Internal Regulation Document (available only in Galician)

ICT Stakeholder
. Any other entity, related to Galician ICT, that can not be described by eny other category.

Do you want to become a member?

2016 Cluster TIC de Galicia
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