Services and Benefits


Business characterization.
  We visit every member, old and new, to meet all their needs first-hand. With all the recolected data, we edit a business catalogue for communication purposes.   

Calls and Grants
. Active searching of new funding opportunities for innovative business and entities. 

Project Management
. From the proposal to the consortium, we support our members on all their needs,

Meeting rooms
. Cluster TIC Galicia facilities can be used by Cluster members to hold their own meetings.

Communication board
.  We offer our members advanced communication services and our communication channels (social media, newsletters) for marketing campaigns.

B2B contacts
. The internat contact network of Cluster members could be used as a cooperation space between entities.

Training. We manage specialized training sessions, open to all Cluster participants employees.

Business agreements. We sign agreements with service providers in order to offer better services to our members.

Lobbying. Cluster TIC Galicia works very closely with Public Administrations, acting as a respected voice on ICT-related matters.


Entrpreneurship. We celebrate yearly entrepreneurs forums where new business have the opportunity to contact with private investors; Cluster TIC Galicia has its own Investors Club, a unique initiative that provide funding to innovative Galician ICT start-ups.

R&D&I services. We support our members on new R&D programs en funding opportunities, specially those related to Horizon 2020 programs: contortium building, partner search, proposals checking. As a periodic activity, we hold technology transfer events in cooperation with Technology Centers and Research Groups, as a technology transfer tool.

Internationalization. We watch actively the main foreign markets, indentified by our members as new strategic locations for their businesses. We have a list of all international facilities managed by Cluster members as a jumpstart for entities that want to go international.

Networking. We organize and support B2B meetings, events and iniatives as a fast way for business collaboration.

Working Groups. We have some thematic groups and task forces about relevant ICT topics or strategic themes such as specialization or internacionalization.

Inter-sectoral collaboration. We talk with all the Galician economic sector representatives as a concerned effort to boost competitiveness and open up new market opportunities. We are a proud member of Clusters Galicia Initiative.

2016 Cluster TIC de Galicia
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15707 Gaias - Santiago de Compostela
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