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The Galician ICT Cluster, know as Cluster TIC Galicia, is a private non-profit business association led by Industry and founded in 2008 to bring together companies, business associations, professional associations and other stakeholders from the Galician ICT sector. It is active in the whole value chain of the ICT macro sector and works closely with the Galician Universities and Research Centres.

Fully committed with the Galician society since its founding, the Cluster is focused on promoting collaboration between companies, taking advantage of the driving force of the largest and of the agility and innovation capability of the SMEs in order to foster changes in the production model, working towards an economy based on innovation and productivity.

The organization supports its members through a wide range of services. Grant and project management, training, collaboration tools, dissemination activities, R&D services, internationalization actions or Workings Groups are some of the most valued services between all Cluster members, specially SMEs and micro enterprises.
The Cluster has its own Investor's Club, a strategic group of companies and private investors that have the commitment to invest in new start-ups from the Galician ICT sector, looking for new, innovative, cross-sectoral business models.  Cluster TIC Galicia works closely with other entities, public or private. In 2013, it was awarded with the Bronze Label distinction by the European Secretariat of Cluster Analysis (ESCA), a recognition of excellence on cluster management. Since 2010, it is also recognized as an Innovative Business Group by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR), a label that certifies the organization commitment with Galician ICT business, specially SMEs. Cluster TIC Galicia is also a core member of the “Clusters Galicia” initiative, a common brand for Galician clusters and a common workspace for cross-sectoral actions.


Cluster TIC Galicia main mission is to bring toghether all Galicia ICT sector stakeholders to boost competitivenes, innovation, new market opportunities, internationalisation and the effective cooperation between Public Administrations, Businesses and Research Institutions.


Cluster TIC Galicia wants to be the backbone of Galicia ICT macrosector through activities and actions following a coopetition model

2016 Cluster TIC de Galicia
Edificio CEM (Centro de Emprendemento) - Cidade da Cultura
15707 Gaias - Santiago de Compostela
Tel: 881 939 651 || info@clusterticgalicia.com
Office timetable: [M-X] 8:30h - 14:30h | 15:00h - 17:00h; [F] 8:00h - 15:00h