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3.14 FINANCIAL CONTENTS, S.L. Consulting and software development Ferrol

4EIXOS Consulting and software development Santiago de Compostela

AACCENTIA MULTIMEDIA, S.L. Web services development Vigo

ABINCO Hardware and Software Management Vigo

ADVANCED SYSTEMS PUNTOBIT, S.L. Web services development Santiago de Compostela

AITIRE, S.L. Management information systems Vigo

ALDABA SERVICIOS PROFESIONALES, S.L. Consulting, development, implementation and maintenance A Coruña

ALTIA CONSULTORES, S.A. Consulting and provision of ICT services A Coruña

ANUBÍA SOLUCIONES EN LA NUBE, S.L. Consulting and development solutions Vigo

APDTIC ICT and Audiovisual Law Professionals Santiago de Compostela

APPENTRA SOLUTIONS, S.L. Software for guided parallelization A Coruña

ASIGAL, S.L.U. (LIBREINNOVA) Consulting and maintenance of systems Vigo

ATOS SPAIN, S.A. ICT Services Vigo

AVA SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS, S.L. Consulting and development of ICT solutions Teo

AVANSIG, S.L.L. Software engineering and GIS technologies A Coruña

BAHIA SOFTWARE, S.L.U. Consulting and Information Systems Ames

CAFEDERED SOLUTIONS, S.L. Software development Ferrol

CAI SISTEMAS INFORMÁTICOS, S.L. Software and IT services Vigo

CESGA Technology Supercomputing Center of Galician Santiago de Compostela


CLICTIC, S.L. Outsourcing Consulting, Training and Telemarketing Vigo

CLOUD FACTORY, S.L. Cloud Computing Solutions Lugo

COMPUTER-3, S.L.U. Management software, security, Programming and Web Services, Hardware and Infrastructure and Training Lugo

CONFIRMSIGN, S.L. Communication services via the Internet A Coruña

CONTROL SUMPRIMIR, S.L. Consulting, support and maintenance of systems Vigo

CORUNET, S.L. Software development A Coruña

COUNCILBOX TECHNOLOGY, S.L. Meeting management platform Nigrán

CPEIG Professional Computer Engineering School Santiago de Compostela

DEINDO IDEAS, S.L.U. E-Commerce Development and Implementation Ponteceso

DEZA BUSINESS, S.L. Industrial software Vigo

DIMENSIONA CONSULTORÍA TECNOLÓXICA, S.L. Technology Consulting Santiago de Compostela

DINAHOSTING, S.L. Domains, hosting and associated services Santiago de Compostela

DISEÑO Y SOFTWARE WINDSOCK, S.L. Web design and development Santiago de Compostela

DOS ESPACIOS INTERNET CONSULTING, S.L. Web services development Vilagarcía de Arousa

EGATEL, S.L. Analog and digital transmitters San Cibrao das Viñas

ENXENDRA TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. Electronic billing services and digital signature A Coruña

ENXENIO, S.L. Software engineering A Coruña

ESTRATEGA CONSULTING GLOBAL, S.L. Strategic consulting and IT A Coruña

EVELB TÉCNICAS Y SISTEMAS, S.L. Software development Milladoiro - Ames

EVERIS SPAIN, S.L.U. Consulting, technology applications and outsourcing A Coruña

FACTORÍA DE SOFTWARE E MULTIMEDIA, S.L. Consulting and software development Santiago de Compostela

FORENSIC & SECURITY, S.L. Informatic forensic and security A Coruña

FORMAS, SISTEMAS Y SOLUCIONES, S.L. Technology Legal Services Milladoiro - Ames


GALICLOUD, S. COOP. GALEGA Software and web services development Pontevedra

GRUPO ARCADE INFORHOUSE Supplies and technical computer engineering services Santiago de Compostela

GRUPO DESARROLLO SEO, S.L. Marketing Agency A Coruña

HACCE SOLUCIONES TIC, S.L. Web design and development Vigo

HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE Global solutions Santiago de Compostela

IDOM INGENIERÍA Y CONSULTORÍA, S.A. Industry and Energy, Infrastructure, Architecture and Consulting Santiago de Compostela

IGALIA, S.L. Software development A Coruña

ILUX VISUAL TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. Visual interactive services and geographic information systems A Coruña

IMAGAMES GAMIFICATION SERVICES, S.L. Gamification Santiago de Compostela

IMATIA INNOVATION, S.L. Software development Vigo

INDRA SISTEMAS, S.A. Technology consulting A Coruña

INFORMÁTICA Y NETWORKING COMPOSTELA, S.L.U. Supplies and technical computer engineering services Santiago de Compostela

INNOVACION COOPERACION CARTOGRAFIA Y TERRITORIO, S.L. Consulting and software development A Coruña

INPROSEC Information Security Management Vigo

INTERGAL, S. COOP. GALEGA Technological cooperative Vigo

ITACA SOFTWARE LIBRE, SOC. COOP. GALEGA Consultoría informática en SwL A Coruña

ITERDATA NETWORKS, S.L. Consulting and business solutions for business management Milladoiro - Ames

MACROTEST INFORMATICA, S.L. Software development Santiago de Compostela

MUUTECH MONITORING SOLUTIONS, S.L. Monitoring Solutions Nigrán

NICESIGH, S.L. Integral internet services A Coruña

NOLEGALTECH CRAZY RABBITS, S.L. Legal consultory Santiago de Compostela

OZONA CONSULTING, S.L. Technology services and consulting processes Santiago de Compostela

POSTAL 3 VIGO, S.L. Training and consulting projects Vigo

QUERES TECNOLOGÍAS, S.L. Consulting and Systems Integration Culleredo


RAWSON BPO, S.L. Consulting in Resources and BPOs A Coruña

REALTIMEBOX Digital Agency Londres

REDEGAL, S.L. Consulting and Technology Ourense

REDES DE TELECOMUNICACIÓN GALEGAS RETEGAL, S.A. Broadcasting and telecommunications Santiago de Compostela

SCIO SOFT, S.L. Specializing in ICT -oriented R&D&i engineering A Coruña

SEIDOR, S.A. International company specializing in the implementation of high technology solutions Vigo

SERINFER SERVICIOS INFORMÁTICOS, S.L. Solutions and Global Services Software Vigo

SICASOFT SOLUTIONS, S.L. Software development A Coruña

SICOM CREATICLAB, S.L. Digital Communication and Web Development Vigo

SISTEMAS AUDIOVISUALES ITELSIS, S.L. Telecommunications Santiago de Compostela

SISTEMAS AVANZADOS DE TECNOLOGÍA, S.A. Consulting and software development Milladoiro - Ames

SITUM TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. Indoor location systems Santiago de Compostela

SIVSA, SOLUCIONES INFORMÁTICAS, S.A. Consulting, implementation and support of information systems Valladares - Vigo

SM TECNOLOGIA, S.L.U. Consulting and software development As Pontes


SOLUCIONES Y PROYECTOS DE INFORMACIÓN, S.L. GIS consulting and software development Santiago de Compostela

STRATESYS Technological Consulting and Digital Services A Coruña

STREAMING GALICIA Streaming Services Baiona

STRELIA ELECTROTECNIA, S. COOP. GALEGA Developing professional electronics and telecommunications Santiago de Compostela

TAGEN ATA Networking Training Narón

TECALIS INNOVACIÓN, S.L. Software and web services development Ames

TECNOLOGÍAS PLEXUS, S.L. Technology , Infrastructure and Consulting Santiago de Compostela

TEIMAS DESENVOLVEMENTO, S.L. Innovative software development projects Santiago de Compostela

TELECON GALICIA, S.A. Your Gateway to the Smart World A Coruña

TESLA TECHNOLOGIES & SOFTWARE, S.L. Developing solutions for mobile devices and web Santiago de Compostela

TORUS SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS, S.L. Software development A Coruña

VISUAL PUBLINET, S.L. Communications agency specializing in Internet A Coruña

WIRELESS GALICIA, S.L. Mobility solutions and monitoring Vigo

XOIA SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT, S.L. Augmented and Virtual Reality A Coruña

ZADIA SOFTWARE, S.L. Web and mobile services development Milladoiro - Ames

ZEMSANIA CONSULTING, S.L. Solution providers and ICT services A Coruña

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